Conserving Water

Helping to preserve one of Earth’s most precious resources.

Water is one of Earth’s most precious resources, and a key to having healthy communities around the world. Water is also a key component of Fortune Brands’ manufacturing process. We find ways to reduce the amount of water used, implement or maintain recycled water systems or clean wastewater. Here are just some of examples of how we save water in our manufacturing processes:

  • The Fiberon composite decking manufacturing process requires a constant source of water. Our Fiberon plants utilize a closed-loop water system for minimal wastewater discharge. The closed-loop system recycles the same water every day, preventing billions of gallons of water from ending up in the waste stream— enough to fill up 5,300 Olympic-size swimming pools over the course of a year.
  • Moen’s Design Reliability Labs in the North Olmsted, Ohio, office use recycled water whenever possible. From 2018 through 2020, the labs used more than 50 million gallons of recycled water, averaging an annual recycled water usage rate of 43%.
  • Master Lock’s Milwaukee, Wisconsin, plant reduced its year-over-year water consumption by more than 15 million gallons by updating its equipment.

Mission Moen
Water savings is also part of the product design process at the Global Plumbing Group. In 2020, we launched Mission Moen, Moen’s commitment to save 1 trillion gallons of water and recover and repurpose 2,000 tons of ocean plastic by 2030. Checkout Mission Moen to see how Moen is innovating, engineering and designing for water of tomorrow.
Water Data
We track the water our U.S. facilities withdraw, and our water use intensity, which can be found in our 2020 ESG Report. With the help of our new, more robust EH&S management system, we intend to expand our environmental data collection to include our global operations.