Workplace Safety Principles

These principles and activities permeate our workforce.

Associates in manufacturing

Fortune Brands believes that the protection of our human and natural resources is not only a core operating value, but also a top global business priority. We are committed to developing systems that drive safe work practices and environmental stewardship, maintaining sustainable initiatives to reduce waste, and creating products that respect the environment.

These principles guide our company every day in our global efforts to protect the environment while ensuring the safety and health of our employees, customers, contractors and the public:

  • We are guided by integrity in our decision making
  • We are committed to providing a safe, healthy and secure work environment
  • We will pursue continuous improvement initiatives in our operations
  • We view all environmental, health and safety regulations as minimum compliance and will work tirelessly to reduce risks to the lowest level
  • We will maintain adequate environmental and safety resources at our locations to support this policy
  • We strive to reduce waste, practice reuse and recycle wherever achievable
  • We will establish management systems and operational procedures that support our principles
  • We will strive to enrich the lives of our employees and our customers, and to support the communities in which we operate
  • We partner with suppliers and vendors that share our commitment to safety and environmental responsibility

Download EHS Principles as a PDF