Recycled Composite Deck Boards

Good for your home, and for the environment.

Our Fiberon composite material decks blend the best qualities of recycled wood, combined with the long-lasting resilience of recycled plastic, to create beautiful, nature-inspired products that last and are good for the environment.
Our Fiberon composite deck boards and cladding are 3rd-party certified for a minimum of 94% pre-consumer recycled wood fiber and plastic content.
By manufacturing products with nearly all recycled materials, on an annual basis Fiberon uses 100 million pounds of recycled plastic, or the weight of two full cruise ships, and prevents 1 million trees from being cut down, the equivalent of about 15,000 football fields worth of healthy forest.
Learn more about our composite decking green story at Fiberon Balance, or watch Fiberon’s Sustainability Story to learn more.