The Environment

Partnering with The Nature Conservancy to safeguard fresh water and with the National Forest Foundation to conserve and restore U.S. forests

Volunteers in field

One of Fortune Brands’ community priorities is supporting organizations dedicated to conserving the environment. We are proud to support The Nature Conservancy and the National Forest Foundation in their efforts to protect and promote the health of our natural resources.
The Nature Conservancy, one of the world’s most trusted and effective global conservation organizations, has been a key community partner since Fortune Brands became a publicly traded company. In that time, we have donated more than $800,000 to The Nature Conservancy, primarily in support of freshwater initiatives in the Great Lakes – a region where many of our associates work and live - and around the world. In addition, our associates have contributed time and money to their local The Nature Conservancy chapter.
We also partner with the National Forest Foundation, the nonprofit partner of the U.S. Forest Service. The National Forest Foundation works with the U.S. Forest Service and thousands of Americans each year to promote the health and public enjoyment of our 193‑million‑acre National Forest System, which accounts for roughly 8% of the total land area in the United States.
Fortune Brands is part of the National Forest Foundation’s campaign to plant 50 million trees across national forests. Tree planting mitigates climate change, improves water quality, supports wildfire recovery and more.